Sally has strong academic mixed-methods research experience, underpinned by a PhD in Addiction Science.

She has a portfolio of interdisciplinary research projects, and has journal publications including the Lancet (sole author) and the BMJ (two opinion pieces in the BMJ, and last author of peer reviewed research in BMJ Open).  Sally has a successful record of securing research funding as PI (£330,000), and is in strong demand as Co-I (£7.5million), including at the Centre for Society and Mental Health where she leads on Impact.

Sally has presented at many national and international conference including several keynotes, and is regularly asked to chair panels with both academic and public audiences, particularly on complex, interdisciplinary or contentious issues.

Her academic leadership is further demonstrated by her management of two multi-million pound strategic projects for the Institute of Psychiatry, Psychology and Neuroscience.

She teaches on several undergraduate, postgraduate and clinical courses at King’s, and has convened a module and contributed to syllabus content on a variety of courses.

Alongside this teaching, she was invited by the Royal College of Psychiatrists to author a textbook chapter on Women and Addiction for their definitive textbook on Women’s Mental Health.

She was Associate Editor for Culture at The Psychologist, 2016 – 2020 where she pioneered a new long form of arts review, where literature, clinical perspectives and interviews with actors, artists and playwrights are woven into the review.

In 2018 Sally was appointed Director’s Visitor, Institute for Advanced Study, Princeton.