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I recently did another Radio 4 documentary, Painful Medicine, about being addicted to painkillers.  You can find it here Radio 4: Painful Medicine

There were some reviews, and they certainly covered the spectrum.  Whilst Catherine Nixey at The Times was good enough to pick the programme as a Radio Choice, her review opened as follows:

It’s not the most exciting programme opening I’ve ever heard. “I’m outside a pharmacitst in London” says presenter and scientist Dr Sally Marlow, “and I’m just going to pop in and buy a codeine-based painkiller.” I won’t ruin the suspense of whether she gets any.

I will admit to laughing.  She did then go on to be quite kind about the programme.

Meanwhile Priya Elan at the Guardian wrote a fabulous review saying the only thing wrong with the programme is that it wasn’t a series.  And as this is my blog, I’m posting that one up here Guardian review of Painful Medicine

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