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I have a hunch that alcohol stories tend to run on the news in the mornings, and are dropped by the evening.  A case in point was yesterday, when it was reported that the government are going to increase fines four-fold for drink driving and disorderly behaviour, amongst other things.

Cue the interviewee in a mid morning television news slot to talk about how anyone who is drunk and disorderly is probably unemployed, on benefits and an alcoholic (whatever that word actually means).  Er, no actually, check out Friday and Saturday nights in town centres for disorderly behaviour, and look at both police and A&E admission statistics if you really want to know who is arrested for being drunk and disorderly.

And why didn’t this story survive until the evening broadcasts?  I totally understand that more news happens, that it happens during the day, and that new news bounces old news.   I know this is one case, but I think there might be a trend, and that alcohol stories are considered as good day-time fillers, but not as weighty night-time news.  Fortunately my next study involves watching the news for a month and examining how alcohol stories are treated, so I can test my theory.  I’ll let you know what I find.

PS I’ve just emerged from an extended period of jury service – three months.  Expect a bit more action on the blog now that I’m back at my desk.

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