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Today a briefing from Alcohol Concern dropped into my inbox, with the following highlights


  • In 2010, the FIFA World Cup 2010 tournament was associated with a 37.5% rise in assault attendances across 15 hospital emergency departments on England match days.
  • It’s also been reported that incidents of domestic violence increased by up to 30% on the days of England’s fixtures during the World Cup in 2006.
  • Research examining data from a police force in the north west of England across the 2002, 2006 and 2010 World Cups found the risk of domestic violence rose by 26% when the English national team won or drew, and a 38% increase when the national team lost.

I know I write this blog to comment on alcohol issues, but what more is there to say on this one? The facts speak for themselves.

You can read the full briefing here:  Alcohol Concern football briefing 2014


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