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I opened up my blog this lunchtime, turned to a colleague, and jokingly asked if she had any stories about women and alcohol.  I had no idea that she is currently dealing with the fallout of something, which she told me about.  She asked me to write about it anonymously.  Apologies if I get some of the details wrong, but the gist will be true to life.

During the Christmas/New Year holidays, my friend was in a pub with some family members, and a stranger joined them.  They had a few drinks and everyone got a bit merry.  The same stranger was in the pub on New Year’s Eve, and after a few drinks, my friend let him kiss her.  No more than that.  She regretted it the next day, but when he kept pestering her to go out for a drink with him, she did so.  It became clear to her that she didn’t fancy him, but also became clear that he wanted more from her than she would ever give him.  She’s a pretty straight talking woman, so she let him know that she didn’t want to date him, and didn’t think it could go anywhere.

He however would not take no for an answer.  Since that time she has been bombarded with text messages from him which she does not respond to; heard from other people that he’s given them the impression they are a couple; found he’d paid for tickets for her; heard that he turned up at a Ladies’ Night in a local pub and wangled his way in (she was supposed to be there, but had bailed out at the last moment); and has even seen his vehicle parked at the end of her road when he doesn’t live anywhere near her.

She thinks he interpreted her drunken kiss four months ago as more than it was.  She’s got to the point where she’s concerned, and is ready to take out a restraining order if it gets any worse.

So, be careful who you kiss when you’ve had a few.  You never know what it might lead to.

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