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I’ve now submitted my PhD and am waiting to hear the date of my viva.  For the uninitiated, the way you pass a PhD is not just by writing thousands of words on your subject (79,961 in my case, to be precise, and I didn’t know I had it in me), but by having two copies bound into two blue books with gold lettering on the side, which are then sent to examiners, who read it. So far so good.  But the pass/fail does not come on the reading only.  You have to meet your examiners, face to face, to talk about your thesis for 2 – 3 hours, and justify why you did what you did, and why you chose that way to do it.  This is known as the viva.  So, I’m waiting to hear when my viva will be.

Since submitting I’ve had a week of rest, and now I’m looking forward to blogging again, and have committed to myself to write at least three posts a week.  I’ll also be tweeting when I post, so if you haven’t already followed me on Twitter, please do, and then you’ll get an alert and a direct link whenever I put up a new post @sallymarlow2013.

I have lots of ideas for posts already – over the next few weeks I want to write about the role of alcohol in child protection cases, “addiction transfer” where people move from one addictive substance or behaviour to another, and I’d like to put up a few posts on the roles of free will and determinism in addiction.  There will of course be the usual news feed – stories about alcohol come thick and fast and the media don’t always get it right – and I’ll comment on these too.  If there’s anything alcohol or addiction-related you want me to cover, or to look into, do get in touch.

Thanks for your patience while finishing my PhD thesis knocked me out of circulation for a few months.


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