I love radio, because it tries things out which television never would.  Radio 4 have been running a late night series at 11pm called Summer Nights, where each episode is a live discussion for an hour with a handful of guests in the studio.  I went along on Friday night to discuss addiction.


The production team had put a really good mix of people together.

James Nicholls is from  (I’ll admit a conflict of interest here as they fund my work).

Professor Andrew Samuels is a psychoanalyst.

Sam Willetts is a poet with more prizes than I can list here, and recovering heroin addict

Tim Sampney runs Build on Belief, a service user’s charity in London

Dr Richard Graham, a child and adolescent psychiatrist runs a clinic for internet addiction at the Tavistock and Portman .

We were also joined from the BBC studios in Birmingham by Tanya from Overeaters Anonymous, ,  who has struggled with alcohol and food addiction.

Mariela Frostrup hosted us, and although I’m not sure whether we set the world on fire, we did at least have a good go at lots of different areas.  As I left Broadcasting House I thought how ambitious it was to try and cover subject like addiction in an hour.  We possibly raised more questions than we answered, but that’s the point of addiction – nobody really, truly understands what it is or why it happens.

The link if you’d like to listen is here

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