If you’ve found yourself at this site because you want to know more about your own drinking, or the drinking of someone you know, the following sites may help.

Down Your Drink: This site has a calculator on it which helps you work out if you are drinking too much.

Down Your Drink

Alcohol Concern: This site does what is says on the tin – Alcohol Concern is the leading charity for concerns about alcohol.

Alcohol Concern

Change 4 Life: This is an NHS website which gives advice on how to cut down on drinking.

Change 4 Life

Blenheim CDP: This is a charity based primarily in London which offers advice, support and treatment for not only alcohol problems, but other drugs too.

Blenheim CDP

Phocus: This site will take you to a private psychotherapist based in London who specialises in working with people with addiction issues.

Phocus Psychotherapy