Bound to the Mast: BBC Radio 4 documentary on the role of advanced directives for those with severe mental illness 

Generation Covid:  BBC Radio 4 documentary on the effect of Covid-19 on children and young people’s mental health 

The Science of Addiction:  BBC Radio 4 documentary on the science behind addiction 

Hurting:  BBC Radio 4 documentary on self-harm 

Hotel Genius: BBC Radio 3 documentary on the usefulness of useless knowledge, featuring the Institute for Advanced Study, Princeton 

Storm and Stress: four part BBC Radio 4 documentary series on child and adolescent mental health, broadcast June/July 2018

Hitting the High Notes: BBC Radio 3 documentary on jazz musicians and heroin use in post war America 

Rethinking Anorexia Nervosa:  BBC Radio 4 documentary on novel brain treatments for anorexia nervosa, broadcast January 2016,   

Breathalysing Britain: Free Spirits Or a Drain on Society?: Invited speaker, expert commentator and panel member to discuss Britain’s relationship with alcohol, a discussion hosted as part of the BBC Radio 3 Festival of Free Thinking

Hooked on Painkillers: Development Producer on a BBC Panorama film, 

Painful Medicine:  BBC Radio 4 documentary on over the counter painkiller addiction 

Constant Cravings: does food addiction exist?:  BBC Radio 4 documentary examining whether food can be thought of as addictive 

Alcohol abuse’s hidden world:  news feature on alcohol and its harms for BBC Radio 4 Today.