As good a place as any

York general

The past few months have been punishing in terms of my work schedule, and I’ve been neglecting this blog.  So today I am doing the digital equivalent of dusting off the journal and filling the ink pen, to write on the way to York for the Society for the Study of Addiciton annual conference.  To the outside world it might seem a little strange that there are enough addiciton scientists to gather in a hotel in York for a couple of days, and to get excited about breakthroughs in treatments for heroin overdose, or about reports of cannabis being vaped.  But for addiction scientists, this conference is a place where magic happens….  and York at night in November is beautiful.  I’m particularly pleased this year because a good number of KCL PhD students are presenting their work – shout out to Hannah Rose, Lindsey Hines, Rob Calder, Rebecca McDonald, Jo Millward, and any other students I don’t yet know are there! The Society for Addiction was one of the funders of my own PhD, and their support for students over the last few years has been really impressive.

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